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Exploring the Ocean

This big, blue planet we call home gets its color from the oceans that cover 70% of its surface. In fact, there are more living things in the world's oceans than there are on land. Most of the wonders on this earth can be found in the oceans. As high as Mount Everest is and as deep as the Grand Canyon, nothing on land can compare with the geological wonders that have been discovered beneath the seas. Learn about the incredible diversity and range of life in the oceans and see some of the world record places hidden beneath the waves.

Studying the ocean 

Ocean Zones
Learn about the different ocean zones and find out what lives there.

Continental shelf, submarine canyon, mid-ocean ridges, abyssal plain, and more.

Life in the Deep
Life in the Deep
See what wonderful and bizarre creatures lurk in the deepest, darkest places in the ocean.

Exploring the Deep
Discover the history of deep sea exploration and meet some of the modern marvels that scientists are using to learn about the oceans.

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World's Biggest Snake
Giant Squid
Hottest Place on Earth
Deepest Place in the Ocean

Continental Shelves
Submarine Canyons
Coral Reefs
Sea Mounts
Mid-ocean Ridges
Volcanic Islands
Deep Ocean Trenches


Anaconda vs. Piranha
Challenger Deep
Colossal Squid
Deepest Fish
Goliath Tarantula Hunt
Great White Shark

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