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Life in the Deep Ocean

Oceans around the world are teeming with an astonishing abundance and diversity of living things. From microscopic, glowing dinoflagellates, to the largest living creature to have ever lived on earth, the oceans are host to the greatest biomass on earth. Most creatures living on planet earth are found living in the ocean. Get to know some of these fascinating creatures on Extreme Science.

New Stories...

Scientists for the first time have captured live video of a deep sea giant in the mesopelagic zone, or the 'twilight zone'.... |   VIDEO

Orcas   |   VIDEO

Great White Shark   |   VIDEO - biggest carnivorous fish.

Sperm Whale   |   VIDEO - largest predatory carnivore in the world.

Biggest Fish   |   VIDEO - is it a shark, or is it a whale?

Blue Whale   |   VIDEO - the biggest creature to have ever lived on earth.

Giant Jellyfish   |   VIDEO

Giant Squid - they get big.

Colossal Squid   |   VIDEO - WOW! Even bigger...

Giant Grenadier Fish

Viperfish | Fangtooth | Deep Sea Anglerfish   |   VIDEO - check out these wicked looking creeps from the deep!

Deepest Fish   |   VIDEO - how deep was the deepest-known fish found?

Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vent Colonies   |   VIDEO - read about gigantism in the deep.

Deep Sea Cucumbers

Deepest Creature - they dove to the very bottom and what did they find living there?

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