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Since Extreme Science was first launched in the summer of 1998, the site has garnered a number of awards and received critical acclaim. If you support Extreme Science's educational mission, and would like to sponsor a section of the site, or an edition of the Extreme Science E-Zine, please contact us.

Homeschool.com is the #1 homeschooling site on the Internet, is named one of the Web’s Best Sites for 2009 by Encyclopedia Britannica, and is one of the top 45 sites overall, according to Forbes Magazine. Homeschool.com has over 2.5 million unique visitors and over 8 million page views per year with over 100,000 subscribers to Homeschool.com's eNewsletter.

Every year we ask our readers to nominate their favorite educational websites—the websites they use regularly in their every day homeschooling activities.  We then compile the list and publish it online. Readers picked Extreme Science as a 'Top 100' site.

Selected by the National Science Teachers Association for inclusion in a nationwide database connecting science textbooks with online educational content.

"[Extreme Science] was selected by our team of teachers who reviewed it using a stringent set of criteria that ensure selected materials have accurate content and effective pedagogy."

"Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools...Thanks for creating such a great site!"

Featured in the National Science Foundation - Educational Outreach website

Linked from the"50 places of a Lifetime page.

Discovery Online
Linked from Life at the Extremes feature on Discovery.com
Optimnem Learning Guide Award
Optimnem Learning Guide Award - The award recognizes excellence in the provision of Education & Learning resources available on the web.

"The web site Extreme Science, has been selected as a GO.com Web Star, for the Science topic page in the GO.com Directory. Each site in the directory has been carefully reviewed, and your site is one of the best for its subject area."

GO.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company.

Featured as a "Web Pick" on Discover Online (Environment).

Discover Magazine and Discover Online are subsidiaries of the Walt Disney Company.

Apple iReview*
- Four out five stars
"With well-written features and well-chosen Web links for further exploration, this site’s for everyone, especially youngsters who can’t resist the Earth’s extremes — the world’s deadliest creature, biggest wave, largest river and fastest fish."
StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award
Featured in the "Kids Corner" of the Science SCORE list - Schools of California Online Resources for Education
BBC Online

See our entry in the BBC Web Guide, under Kids>Homework as the 'Best of the Web'
Featured in the Digital Dozen on the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse website, October 1998
"Sites that are selected for inclusion in MyReportLinks.com Books must meet a number of criteria, of which the most important are accuracy, high quality, and suitability for students. All sites are carefully evaluated by a team of editors."
"Extreme Science... has been rated amongst the best of the internet. We kindly inform you that your site has been rated as one of the Top sites on the 'Science' category by TopOfEverything.com."
Listed in the "50 Most Helpful Science Sites" on SciNet Science Search

Listed in the Top 100 Science Sites...

Coolmath Top Site Award for Education
"...those sites that have educational quality, along with a pleasing appearance, and friendly user interface are chosen for publication."
"The 2ask Best of the Planet Awards uses a five-star judging system for reviewing sites. Speed and ease of use, design, quality of content, timeliness, and the level of interactivity and use of technology are all equal considerations, representing one star each."
July 1998
"The editors of the 4anything.com network have chosen [Extreme Science] site as one of the best of the web within the category of Science. We believe that the site provides great value to our 4anything users!"
"[The Extreme Science web]site has been chosen based on its originality, content and quality."



"Extreme Science has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers. You [can] view it in our Science:Earth Science:Earth Science, Kids section."
"Our Top Site Award is only given to the very best sites. And unlike most other award sites, we do not hand out the award on request just to generate reciprocal links."
Verita.com (now UKSprite.com)
Science Award
"Extreme Science is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science." "Extreme Science" is also being honored with prominent display as a select site at www.nr.infi.net/~drmatrix/award.htm with the category: Student Resource. Sites receiving this award are distinguished by the quality of their content alone."

"The mission of Bonus.com is to provide access to a rich selection of entertaining and educational works on the WWW, that educators may use in the classroom and children will learn from and enjoy. The editors of Bonus.com chose [Extreme Science] because it reflects these educational values."
Bonus.com "Kid Cool" Award

"Our Editors have also selected your work to receive the KidCool Award. "Kid Cool" because it's a rare and great thing when web authors create quality content appropriate for kids."
A star feature in, The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages, by Jean Armour Polly
Featured in the "Top Ten List" in MS Internet Explorer of the Hotbar.com browser utility.
Featured Site of the Day on UKPlus
"Fun American site aimed at youngsters to get them interested in science by giving info on nature's world records."

Extreme Science webmaster featured as GirlGeek of the Week, February 2000
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